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Please note that bookings of 10 or more will require a non-refundable (without 48 hours notice) £5 deposit per person, and must be made by telephone.
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Please note that we are not open on Bank Holidays

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6 pm - 11 pm

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6 pm - midnight
Sunday: closed (unless it is before a Bank holiday Monday)
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Please let us know if you have any time restrictions (e.g. Pre theatre/concert dinner) in the additional comment section below.
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Or you can make a booking by telephoning:
0117 929 4455 or
0773 828 2383 (for txt reservations only)

Please note that for a party of 20 or more, we can only make 8 different dishes from the menu, because if we were to cook, for example, 30 different dishes, the first one would get over cooked in our oven. Kathmandu suggest that large parties of customers order any number of each of the 8 different types of curry, each one having a different strength, so that there is still a variety of flavours to try. You can order your side dishes on the night.